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Sitting Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? ...

Crunchy Leaves Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle of some crunchy leaves? ...

Card Suits Puzzle

Card Suits Puzzle is a new highscores puzzle game in which you have exactly 180 seconds to get the best score possible by collecting symbols (card suits) of the same type! Go for highscores!

How to collect the symbols? Simply press and hold the left mouse button on a symbol and move the mouse to the neighboring symbol of the same type to connect them, connect as many symbols as you can, longer chains give you better score! Submit your score at the end of the game to a global leaderboard to see who is the best!


* simple but highly addicting
* global leaderboard included - you play against players all around the world!

Babies Elsa and Anna Puzzle

Free online Babies Elsa and Anna puzzle. There is 12, 24, 48, 64 or 99 pieces to choose from. Once you finish, keep playing with more puzzle at ...

Sunset Over City Jigsaw..

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? ...

Bubble Shooter Fruits

Bubble Shooter Fruits is a juicy bubble shooter game with 2 modes:
1. Endless mode
2. Puzzle mode

In endless mode you will be able to play the game until bubbles are away from border line. You need to collect the fruits continuously to play it longer.

The puzzle mode is consisted with 15 challenging levels. You need to clear the board to win the level. Fast you complete the level; more you get score.

Blocks Crusher

A little action-puzzle-game where you have to click as fast and as many combos as possible. You have only 60 Seconds! ...

Sunrise Over a Farm..

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? ...

Epic Puzzle Game

You need to find and place the correct pieces on the empty places. If you drag the wrong one, you will lose your lives. You have three lives only. Finish all the level and enjoy the game. ...

Lighthouse on a Hill..

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? ...

3 Rabbits’ Puzzle

Simple nice puzzle-game with 3 funny rabbits. Drag and drop the shapes to complete the mosaic. 100 levels! ...

Sunset in Hawaii Jigsaw..

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? ...

Foggy Forest Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle of a foggy forest? ...

Let me grow

Make the flowers bloom by leading the water to their direction. To achieve this you need to use your logical thinking in this new puzzle game! ...

Splashy Jewels Puzzle Game

You’re a secret agent in training, getting ready to pursue in the biggest treasure hunt in history. Your bosses may count on you, but you have to prove that you’re very well prepared. In order to do so, you have to pass a significant number of levels and the way you treat your challenges is very important. ...


Collect beautiful picture which depicts a space sky. But remember that time is limited. ...

Beach Sudoku

Use your logic and solve the popular numbers puzzle Sudoku, by filling a 9x9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. This beach version will help you have a time out from everyday life. ...

Puzzle for kids

**Solve the puzzle and discover amazing adventures of Kids and their friends**
Beautiful artwork and immersive gameplay will make your child love puzzles.
Game contains:
* 10 beautiful pictures
* Large puzzle pieces which are easy to hold and drag for kids age 2-6
* 3 different shapes of puzzles (jigsaw, squares, and triangles)
* Many different combinations using 6 to 36 pieces
* Hints: “Place one”, image preview or puzzle grid
* Intuitive and kids friendly HD graphics
* Various levels of difficulty
* Helps kids to recognize shapes and develops memorizing skills
* Motivates to learn and solve puzzles
Have fun!

Notice: this game need embed with attribute wmode="direct ...

Sort Bird

Use all your moves to get the birds into their nest. If you are clever enough and master the puzzle game you will win the star in every level! ...

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